1. Framing Network Neutrality for the American Electorate

    Wed 28 January 2015 By Andrew McConachie

    I originally wrote this paper for a class on conceptual metaphor taught by George Lakoff @ UC Berkeley's department of Linguistics. It borows a notation for metaphors(e.g. Affection Is Warmth), and many common conceptual systems(e.g. Moral Accounting), from Philosophy in the Flesh1. All errors are mine …

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  2. A Master Orientational Metaphor for Computers and Software(Part I)

    Mon 10 August 2009 By Andrew McConachie

    The purpose of this article is to introduce my views and theories regarding general orientational metaphors and their influence over our understanding of computers. Since the English language dominates computer discourse and most machine languages are written from an English perspective special attention is given to orientational metaphors derived from …

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  3. Understanding Computers

    Thu 06 August 2009 By Andrew McConachie

    My own journey and interest in computers and metaphors began around my time as an undergraduate. I was working at the campus bookstore of my university and dealing every day with customers and their broken personal computers. I was well versed in fixing computers since I had been breaking, fixing …

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  4. The Fallacy of Direct Communication(Part II)

    Sun 31 May 2009 By Andrew McConachie

    Part I

    In (Part I) I introduced the concept of direct communication and gave a definition for it based on the dictionary definition of the adjective direct. I then showed how this definition of direct communication implies the use of the conduit metaphor. I will now discuss some of the …

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