1. Introducing YouLube

    Thu 21 May 2009 By Andrew McConachie

    I used to work as a college radio DJ in a small town in Appalachia. I was a hip-hop and electronica DJ but I loved the adverts the metal department would produce every week. They would produce these listings to be played during the metal shows that quickly ran down …

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  2. Ruminations of a Second Class Citizen...

    Tue 12 May 2009 By Andrew McConachie

    Yesterday I ended a conversation with an English girl. I had met her online through a shared interest in Eastern thought. I suggested a book she read and that she could buy it from The American Book Center in Amsterdam. She responded by saying that Americans don't know how to …

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  3. So tell me something about yourself?

    Sun 04 January 2009 By Andrew McConachie

    Some questions I've used in the past when encountering new people. I used them once at a speed dating event. I also just like asking them to new people I meet.

    1. What ingredient do you use most when cooking?
    2. Do you have a television? How would your perception of reality …
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