I wrote this below piece a time ago when I was trying to woo a girl. At the time I was really caught up in time metaphors. So her timely appearance as an experimental subject for my prose worked out. Looking back this email is probably the best thing that came out of my time with her. At the time it was just one email I wrote one night. But I kinda like it when I look at it again so I'm posting it this time.


Time. Everything comes down to time in the end. Time to earn our money. Time to spend with friends and family. Time for ourselves. Time to read this email. Time to write this email. Time to do the dishes. Everything takes time and time is a limited resource like gold or silver. So how do people spend their time? Spend it like a millionaire on a cocaine and hooker binge? Throwing it away like they'll die tomorrow. OR spend it like a aging pensioner counting every last penny till the end of the month. We trade time for money but time isn't just money. Time is our global currency we spend on everything we care about.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I want to spend more time with you. All 4 of your alter egos(even the bitchy ones if it means I can be bitchy back sometimes). So I'm glad we had a timely talk in bed and some great cuddle time. And I'm sorry that my untimely snoring was such a pain in the ass and ear. Hopefully the brunchtime eggs were a bribe in the right direction ;)

I'm not asking you to go into time debt with friends and family or yourself. I'm the absolute king of devoting time to myself and my own development and chill levels. So I totally understand alone time and the need to just have peace and quiet sometimes. And having come from a world of high stress working conditions I totally get your job and its hard times. But I am asking for a small payment of time to get to know you and what she's all about.

Not that I haven't been getting the time. We've spent a good amount of time together and I have no real complaints about that. And they've been good times. But I think we need to share some times together without our friends around. Time to get to know each other. Time to talk shit and time to laugh like idiots.

I hope your time reading this was a much fun as my time writing it. The time is free on my mobile so give me a call anytime and I can ring you back.

Good Times, Smutt