Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Writer/Editor/Facilitator, 2015-Current
Draft and edit publications for the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) and the Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC). Facilitate both committees in reaching consensus on issues related to the security of the Internet's unique identity systems and the DNS root server system.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, DNS Research Fellow, Fall 2015
Supported projects in the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC), and the Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC).

Berkeley Center for Long Term Cybersecurity, Rapporteur, May 2015
Participated and recorded the contributions of participants at an interdisciplinary conference on the future of cybersecurity.

United States Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Consumer Protection/Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, Technology Extern, Spring 2015
Provided advice on Internet and web technologies for privacy related casework. Developed targetting software and protocols for identifying potential targets of investigations.

Internet Society, Deploy 360 Programme, Research Project Assistant, Summer 2014
Created content to promote the adoption of IETF technologies by network operators. Promoted the adoption of IPv6, DNSSEC, BGP-RPKI, SSL/TLS and BCP38.

Extreme Networks Netherlands, Technical Team Lead, 2006-2013
Handled escalated accounts, mentored other engineers and developed software. Primary responsibility was handling escalated accounts, or accounts encountering multiple complex issues. Carried out targeted QA assessments of specific features and advocated for customers in engineering design discussions. Developed software including; two search engines used by suppport staff, an online core-dump submission tool, an EXOS 'show tech' parser, and an IGMPv2 set top box emulator.

Extreme Networks Netherlands, Level 2 Support Engineer, 2004-2006
Provided vendor support for wired Ethernet switches/routers. Resolved technical issues by reproducing issues seen in the field, filed bug reports and travelled onsite. Wrote scripts to automate processes, diagnose issues, and debug misbehaving protocol stacks.

CMG Netherlands, Integrator, 2001-2004
Designed and deployed unified communication systems for 3G mobile operators. These were telco oriented UNIX based solutions for voicemail, videomail, email, SMS and MMS, which depended on SMTP, IMAP, and LDAP. Responsibilities included training, integration design, test engineering, pre-sales support, and post-sales support.

Cisco Systems USA, Software Engineer, 1999-2001
Provided subject matter expertise in IP telephony. Primary responsibility was to find bugs in Cisco’s VoIP and unified communications products. Also deployed enterprise and service provider IP telephony solutions including; voicemail, videomail, email and fax. Test engineer for one of the world’s first VoiceXML browsers.

Kozmik Computers USA, Cofounder, 1997-1998
Cofounded a PC reseller and support company. Sold PC hardware and provided support to James Madison University students.




Selected Projects

Dual citizen of the United States and The Netherlands