1. The Fallacy of Direct Communication(Part II)

    Sun 31 May 2009 By Andrew McConachie

    In (Part I) I introduced the concept of direct communication and gave a definition for it based on the dictionary definition of the adjective direct. I then showed how this definition of direct communication implies the use of the conduit metaphor. I will now discuss some of the problems with …

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  2. The Fallacy of Direct Communication(Part I)

    Wed 27 May 2009 By Andrew McConachie

    I think it's great if someone wants to tell me how direct they are or that they focus on being direct. Really I do. At the very least it shows that they genuinely want to focus on clarity of communication and are well intended. Unfortunately it also belies an assumption …

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  3. Four Principles for Living

    Mon 18 May 2009 By Andrew McConachie

    This article is my first real attempt to nail down some of the basic principles that I use to guide my life. After seeing this presentation by Scott McCloud, I couldn't help but usurp his four principles on vision for myself.

    1. Learn from everyone
    2. Follow no one
    3. Look for patterns …
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  4. Time

    Mon 13 April 2009 By Andrew McConachie

    I wrote this below piece a time ago when I was trying to woo a girl. At the time I was really caught up in time metaphors. So her timely appearance as an experimental subject for my prose worked out. Looking back this email is probably the best thing that …

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