1. Metafarce Update -> systemd, man pages, and TLS

    Tue 04 August 2015 By Andrew McConachie

    I've recently had time to update the guts of metafarce.com. This post is about the updates to those guts, including what I tried that didn't work out so well. The first section is full of personal opinion about the state of free UNIX OS's.1 The second section concerns …

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  2. DANE Related bug in OS X Yosemite

    Tue 28 July 2015 By Andrew McConachie

    This post is meant to document a software bug I believe I've found in Apple's Mac OS X. In short, OS X 10.10.3 fails to flush DNS TLSA records when flushing other DNS records. TLSA records can only time out based on their TTL, they will otherwise never …

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  3. Pervasively Distributed Trademark Enforcement

    Sat 18 April 2015 By Andrew McConachie

    This post explores similarities between ICANN's Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) process and Pervasively Distributed Copyright Enforcement (PDCE). The DPML operates on trademarks, while PDCE concerns copyright. However, similarities exist in the intentions and consequences of them.

    I'll first introduce PDCE with a brief summary. Then I will explain the …

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  4. Framing Network Neutrality for the American Electorate

    Wed 28 January 2015 By Andrew McConachie

    I originally wrote this paper for a class on conceptual metaphor taught by George Lakoff @ UC Berkeley's department of Linguistics. It borows a notation for metaphors(e.g. Affection Is Warmth), and many common conceptual systems(e.g. Moral Accounting), from Philosophy in the Flesh1. All errors are mine …

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