1. #10 Chuang-Tzu

    Mon 20 April 2020 By Andrew McConachie


    It has taken me a too long to write this final entry. I started this 10 books thing about 14 months ago and wanted to write an entry a month. Initially I wrote more than an entry a month, but then after #9 I totally slacked off and didn't write …

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  2. #9 Technopoly

    Sat 01 June 2019 By Andrew McConachie


    It's probably a bit odd for someone whose life revolves around computers as much as mine does that none of the books on this list so far have been computer books. This is not to say I have not read any good computer books. Some that stand out are Structured …

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  3. #8 On Guerrilla Warfare

    Mon 01 April 2019 By Andrew McConachie

    Guevara | Zedong

    I recently reread Paolo Freire's The Pedagogy of the Oppressed and I was reminded why I put On Guerilla Warfare on this list. During my junior year at University I studied abroad in India for a semester, at Cochin University in Kerala. I was getting a major in Computer Science …

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  4. #5 American Taxation, American Slavery

    Sun 27 January 2019 By Andrew McConachie

    American Taxation, American Slavery, by Robin L. Einhorn

    American Taxation, American Slavery

    I hate slavery. I'm not sure why it really gets under my skin. There are plenty of things to hate in this world as terrible acts of oppression, but I have a particular problem with slavery. No one really defends it anymore …

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  5. #4 Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    Mon 14 January 2019 By Andrew McConachie

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirsig

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    When I was a freshman at University I only had one friend. I was incredibly gregarious in high school, but when I got to Uni I decided it best to buckle down, be anti-social and focus on getting good grades …

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